Click the links below to see list of current cats or list of the cats who have gone on to their furever homes.
Or just scroll down and look at them pretty things…


Cats At Purringtons


Purringtons Alumni


Cats At Cat Adoption Team

  1. I totally love these cats and this idea!!!

    • Me too! Isn’t it great?

      • I’ve been quite lonely since Howard died. I have always had a love for cats but I could never get one of my own as he was allergic. Now that he’s gone, it doesn’t feel quite right to bring one of these creatures into our home. But this seems like the place for me. I get to surround my self with the beauty that are cats without disrespecting Howard’s memory. In short, I have to agree with you ladies, it is a great place! (:

  2. Wow! What an amazing bunch of kitties! I love it! I have a built in “Purringtons” at my house with my five monkey-kitties but I really need to come here for cuteness overload. And to watch the movie. With the cats. :o)

  3. I have 3 rescues already and if I didn’t I’d love to adopt Sama! She looks so much like my boy Jambi! I can vouch for the black kitties being super sweet (I have 2 black and 1 grey).

  4. Simply AMAZING. Breathtaking felines!!!! =))))

    Thees Kats are my ENTIR WURLD!!!!!!!!<3333333333333


    (thet meens I lub u KAT)


  5. Whiskersluva1000 March 15, 2018 at 9:52 am Reply

    I love Purrprr so much Portlandia is my home. I am so happy i love these kittys. They make me so happy they warm my frozen heart/. This is the first times I have smiled in years

    • Greetungs and salutations whiskesluva1000 !1!1

      I was so esscited wen I red ur coment! we shud git togither and doo PURRYOGA!!11!!
      I luv Sir Purrprr w all of me hart.
      dese katties made me hart hole agin <3


      peece OUT !!

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