Purringtons Cat Lounge is the first cat cafe in the Pacific Northwest, bringing people and cats together.

What is a cat cafe? At it’s most basic level, it is a business where cats and humans can hang out for a certain period of time.
Additionally, food or drink or both maybe purchased by visitors. They are not necessarily “cafes” in the traditional sense.

At Purringtons, our mission is to provide a clean and stress free environment for the cats while they wait to be adopted.
This also allows prospective adopters to interact with the cats in a different way than at an animal shelter.

Our building is split into two different spaces. On one side is the “cafe” and on the other, the Cat Lounge.
There is a wall separating both spaces with a window view from the cafe into the lounge.

In the Cafe side, visitors can purchase food and drinks which can be consumed in either cafe or lounge.
We have a small bites menu with some in house offerings such as nachos, Sergio’s chips and salsa, cheese plate, hummus, locally sourced scones and cookies.
On the beverage front, we offer delicious coffee from Extracto, loose leaf teas from Jasmine Pearl Teas and Mexican Coke. We also offer rotating draft beer and cider  options as well as select bottled beer. And if your preference is wine, we do have red and white options as well as our meowmosas.

In the Cat Lounge, visitors can hang out with cats and get to know them in a different way than one could at a shelter. This is essentially their temporary living room while they wait to be adopted into their forever home. To promote a stress free environment, we do have rules posted in the cafe and lounge and we do limit visitor capacity to 15 people per hour. The cats are hand picked by our shelter partner, Cat Adoption Team, to ensure cats can benefit from being in this environment. The cats have a private area where they can go to if they need to take a breather from visitors. Also, there is a custom structure with high areas they can go to if they don’t necessarily want to go to the private room, but maybe just want to people watch or sleep. Basically, they are free to do what cats do.

In either side, our super friendly staff are ready to help make your visit a great experience. Whether it is assisting with food/drink orders or with questions about cats and adoption process, they are happy to help.
If you are in the market to adopt a cat or perhaps you cannot have a cat in your building or simply like the therapeutic benefits of being around cats, this is the place for you!