Who painted the mural in the lounge?
This was a collaborative effort from the dynamic trio: Cathy Libnic, Hector Sanchez and Lance Lovett. They also enlisted additional hands with the painting. They are forever a part of the Purringtons family. This was a monumental task and they really pulled off a beauty.

What is age requirement to enter the lounge?
Children 6 and older are welcome in the lounge. We ask that parents stay close by and help us maintain a stress free environment for both our cats and other visitors. We have rules all guests must follow and expect parents to monitor their children and make sure they know what the rules are.

Where did you get the cat structure in the lounge?
This was a custom build project by Levon Cullen. This give the cats nice sleeping spots as well as allowing them to be up high so they can get away within the lounge if they don’t necessarily want to go back into the private cat room.

How many cats do you have?
We try to have 8 to 10 cats at any time. We work very closely with our shelter partner, Cat Adoption Team, to get new cats in as we adopt out.

What steps are needed to adopt a cat from Purringtons?
If you make a connection with one of our cats, simply inform any of our staff.
They will get you a profile form to fill out and once it is completed, arrangements can be made for the adoption.
More info in our Adoptions Info pages…

Are same day adoptions possible?
In rare cases, we will allow same day adoptions. Sometimes we will have cats who have had a rough road and we feel need to go home ASAP. But in general, our adoption days are Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Do the cats come in contact with food prep areas?
No, not at all. The conditions in which the county health department will allow us to have cats on premises strictly prohibit cats in food prep areas. We will have the cat lounge area where the cats hang out completely sealed off from the “cafe” section of our building. Not only are cats not allowed, but employees who have cat litter duty during their shift cannot work in the cafe during that shift.

What if a cat doesn’t want to hang out with the public?
The cats will have the ability to leave the lounge and hang out in a private area away from the public if they choose to do so. Additionally, we have a custom made structure that allows cats to be up high away from people if they prefer. The cats are in charge here, if they do not want public stimulation, they will leave or go up high and away from people.

Why are visitors not allowed to pick cats up in the lounge?
The safety of our cats and visitors is first and foremost. When we get new cats in, we don’t really know how they will react to having been moved and being in a new environment.  If a cat feels at all threatened, they could lash out and possibly scratch or bite as a defensive move. Not because they are bad cats, but because they have not yet gotten used to their new temporary environment. The less stress, the better opportunity for adoption 🙂
With this in mind, you are welcome to ask our lounge monitor for assistance in placing a cat (if appropriate) on your lap.

How do I start my own cat cafe?
This is a question we get very frequently. It’s not an answer one can put in a simple sentence. There are many factors to consider. We do offer a consulting service which consists of a call or visit if in Portland and a document which outlines all of the items one needs to consider in order to open their own cat cafe. Please send serious inquiries to info@purringtonscatlounge.com

Who gives the cats their names?
It depends. Sometimes our shelter parter, Cat Adoption Team (CAT), will get cats from other shelters who have already given the cats their name. Sometimes CAT will change them and sometimes our staff will rename them while they are here at Purringtons. Adopters of course can choose to keep or change names. The cats really do not answer to their names. Studies have shown that cats respond to the voice of their owners but not necessarily their names. Some people do believe their cats respond to their name, but it seems it is more related to the way they recognize the voice and let’s face it, we tend to have a different way we call out for our cats -right?

Are you hiring?
We will enable our Employment menu button here on our website when we are seeking employees. If this button is not available on our site, and would like to be considered for a job, send resume to jobs@purringtonscatlounge.com

Why do you have an entry fee?
Entrance fee is necessary to cover costs of feeding & housing the cats as well as providing for our staff and pay associated costs with running a business. When compared with other cat cafes across the country, we really feel we’ve tried to be fair in applying this fee. Additionally, we do have discount programs to help out as well.

  1. I was just curious about the price range for adoptions. I’m sure they fluctuate from cat to cat but if you could give me a general estimate I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I love the idea ad where your heart is at, however, I cannot help but say that I think you’ll find a giant stumbling block to your business’ overall success and longevity is your rule that people cannot bring their own cats in. I say this knowing full well the health-code rules, safety restrictions, etc. but seems to me, in a ll honesty, you truly need to find a legal work-a-around for this. As a cat lover and owner myself, when I hear “cat cafe” for cat lovers with yoga and movies, I immediately think “fantastic! I can’t wait to go there with my cat!” Because dogs are welcome more and more in businesses, restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, etc. and people somehow figure it out. Yes, there can be all sorts of complications that arise but, to me, I HAVE a cat. If I am looking to socialize (as in watch a movie, mingle at a cafe, etc) with other people who have/love cats, I want to bring my cat! I realize you say your goal is to adopt cats out however, most people are going to go to the shelters and human society for this purpose. We go to a cafe that advertises “cat cafe” and think: “yeah! Finally! I can go out and bring my cat!” To find out that not only can you NOT bring your cat but you can’t even pick up the ones that are already there…frankly…I think you are shooting yourself in the “paw” and alienating the core group of people you are trying to attract. Just my humble opinion.

    • I think this is one of those classic situations where, if a business’ main purpose doesn’t fit what you think it should, then it’s a great opportunity for you to start one of your own that does.

      I personally would be extremely hesitant to allow visitors to bring their own cats, as the shelter cats are stressed enough with their new environments and (limited) new cat buddies (hence, the rule for not being able to pick them up). When *I* hear “cat cafe”, *my* first assumption is, “Great! I don’t have a cat at home, so here’s a place I can go to play with cats!” Their mission is clear, straightforward, and totally valid + awesome…you’re just not accepting it because it doesn’t offer what *you* want (which means that you’re *not* actually the core group of people they’re trying to attract).

    • Erika,
      We appreciate your angle, but this is not what we do or want to do. This would go against our core beliefs as it relates to the wellness and safety of the cats. I would say that if such a place did exist, I would not bring my cats there. Mostly because they don’t like car rides. And well, we have Purringtons with lovely cats needing a home 🙂 We have lots of people who come in who already have cats and are quite happy to spend time with the cats here at Purringtons. We hope that while you may not agree with our angle in total, you do see the adoption of cats as a positive. story. How can it not be?

      • I love what you do here and I am so excited about the number of adoptions that you already have! I have a friend who adopted a cat from you and this was a wonderful way for her to spend time with potential adoptees to see if there was a connection. GO PURRINGTONS!

    • Is this a joke? I can’t believe people have been so nice to you. This whole comment, and your whole thought process, is seriously one of the most idiotic things I think I have ever encountered. And growing up in this town… that’s saying A LOT. WHO WANTS TO TAKE THEIR CAT OUT PLACES LIKE A DOG?! No one. Ever. BECAUSE WE ARE TALKING FRIGGIN FELINE CATS HERE!! Thus… this has to be a joke.

    • Erika, your wish and their business model do not match at all and you do not understand what they are trying to achieve here. I too have a couple of cats and they travel with me for work, go out on walks etc. In no way would I consider bringing them to this establishment because it is NOT what the establishment is about. If you want to take your cat to the movies, try Mcmenamins, they are pet friendly. This is an adoption business with yoga, wine, beer and food and a great way to hang out for a while and see what cat speaks to each person.

    • Interesting. We’ll see. It’s been a couple of years so far, so guess they’re doing alright.

  3. I have six cats at home and still, when I go out, I love to meet new cats. I live in the South but I wish I were closer so I could visit Purrington’s! As far as my own cats go, they are definitely homebodies. Most of mine are rescues and I think they are a little worried even when we go to the vet that I might dump them off there. I love the Purrington’s adoption concept and I think a cat cafe is different from a dog cafe because most dogs are better travelers. I found out about your cafe while reading about the gal who overcame her yeast infection, and I just want to say Kudos to all of you for being the brave and caring kind of people. Wishing you & the cats much success!

  4. There is an abandoned older kitten (but still less than a year) looking for a home around my apartment complex. I would love to keep her but I do not have the financial stability to keep another animal. Do you know of a good way I can find a loving home for her? Would you be able to take her in? She is very friendly with people and other cats and dogs, and loves cuddles. Please help me.

    • Hi Hannah,
      We can’t take her as we are not setup for intake, but you do have options!

      1: Contact Cat Adoption Team (503) 925-8903 and see if they can help you out.
      2: Send email to us: info@purringtonscatlounge.com with photos and we can make a post on your behalf on our social media to help get kitty to new home.



  5. Is it possible to visit the lounge for longer than a single hour time slot, if we pay for multiple? How would we make reservations for that/just go about doing that, if possible. It’s a ling drive for me to only get an hour in the lounge.

  6. I would like to visit this lounge. But there is NO address listed.

    • Address is located on left side in menu area if using a computer or tablet. If using phone, menu area can be opened by clicking on the icon with 3 lines next to our logo.

  7. Is there a place like yours but with dogs?? Have a friend looking for a pup and I think this would be an excellent treat for her!

  8. Is there a place like yours but for dogs? I have a friend looking for a pup and I think this would be an excellent treat for her!

    • Dog cafes do exist, though at this point are less than 5 in the entire country. While dog cafes may be similar to cat cafes, there definitely some added considerations when trying to run a dog cafe. We hope it works and more of them do pop up through out the country!

  9. Does Purringtons sell gift cards?

  10. It works quite well for me

  11. I think Fido’s over in Tigard might be what you are looking for.

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