Are reservations needed?
No. But please note that we can fill up quickly on weekends or during vacation weeks such as spring break and during summer months.
Reserving is a safe bet against a full house 🙂

Walk ins OK?
Yes, if space is available, we do our best to accommodate walk ins. But walk ins are not guaranteed. First come first served.

If I have made reservations but am running late, can I still keep my spots?
Yes, if reservations are pre-paid. However, if you did not pre-pay and do not call to notify you are running late, we will only hold your spots up to 15 minutes past your scheduled time before giving them away to walk ins.
Please note that if you are running late and the reservations in the next hour are full, we will not be able to accommodate your full hour.

Big group reservations allowed?
Yes. However, if you have a party of 6 or more, you will need to call in (503) 334-3570 or email us to finalize your reservation.
No call or email could mean no reservations.
If you would like to reserve lounge for private party (only you and your guests), please contact

Can I drop my children off? Visitors under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Sorry, no exceptions.

Will the cats be sleeping?
Certainly, this is possible – they are cats! With adoptions and rotation of new cats, what happens with the cats will be a variable. Some will be super stoked to play while others might like some mellow interactions. Please keep in mind they are shelter cats and often have been through quite a bit in their lives. We will not force the cats to entertain as our preference is to have them roam freely and give them a chance to settle in and relax while they are here at Purringtons.



Select visit type:

😸 Family Time: Ages 6 and over 12pm to 4pm $10* per person. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ENTER # OF GUESTS CORRECTLY.

😸 Relaxation Station: Ages 15 and over 5pm to 8pm visitors $10* per person. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ENTER # OF GUESTS CORRECTLY.

😸 Purr Yoga: Most Sundays 6:30pm to 8pm. $20 per person.
Cats and Yoga, the only time you can work out and fart and nobody cares… just kidding. It’s 1 hour of yoga instruction followed by 1/2 hour visit with the cats and maybe a glass of wine… Mats are available for rental for 2.00.

😸 MeowvieNight: March 9th 7:30pm to 8pm. $15 per person.
We just upgraded our screen to a larger size. It’s almost as big as an IMAX screen – almost! So it’s time to have another MeowieNight in the lounge – with cats of course!

Tonight’s movie is Labyrinth (1986): David Bowie, Jim Henson and George Lucas combine forces to take us on an fantastical adventure.

Come be a part of a unique way to help cats come out of their shell! We have found that movie nights are good for the cats, especially ones who might not feel quite at home yet in our lounge. When the lights go down, they come out and are very appreciative of the pets (and play) as the settings are more suitable to their liking.

Date: Friday March 9th 2018
Time: Lounge ready at 7:15pm Meowvie starts at 7:30pm.
Cost: 15 per person
Ages: 15 and over.

Cancelation policy: We require 48 hour notice for full refund.

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