February 21, 2017


Status: Adopted
Adoption #: 307
Adoption Date: March 10, 2017
Days to Adoption: 17
Date of Birth: February 21, 2014
Age: 3Y 0M
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Long Hair Mix
Color: Calico
About Me: Lap Cat, Very Affectionate, Sweet
Arrived at Purringtons on: : February 21, 2017
Photo Credit: K Castillo

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  1. Hello i’am wanting to adopt cookie I have reservations for this Friday the 3rd at 6pm I figured I could spend time with cookie for an hour and then make a decision and hopefully proceed with the adoption if cookie responds to me well. several hours before I come and see her I will be going to get cat supplies such as

    1 litter box
    1 large bag of food
    2 toys to start out with
    food bowls
    a harness and leash
    a bed
    a flee collar

    the rest will come later but those are just the basic things she will need.

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