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May 1, 2014

Health Department Day

Huge hurdle cleared! With a few small changes to our plans, the Multnomah County Health Department has given Purringtons the green light to move ahead. We will now have no restrictions on what food we can offer. This was a big issue and now that we know exactly what to do to satisfy the health laws, […]

April 30, 2014

About Our Shelter Partner

Our Shelter Partner Why Cat Adoption Team? They have been around since 1998 and have adopted out more than 35,000 cats & kittens in that time.  They have great facilities and network with other shelters around to country to get cats into permanent homes. They have a strong community presence and a volunteer army of caring […]

Adoption Process
April 22, 2014

Building Found?

Today we went to scope out a possible building to house Purringtons. Location wise, this building is in a great location NE Portland. We met with the building developer (future landlord?) and a construction designer as they have already started rehab work on this building. Looking over the floor plans and being inside a gutted […]

March 26, 2014

Cat Shelter Partnership

Met with staff at Cat Adoption Team (CAT)to discuss partnership with Purringtons. We had already visited this place but not on official business. This meeting was to gain more insight into CAT and their operations and to see how receptive they would be to the cat cafe idea. Well, the meeting went really well and […]

March 12, 2014

Willamette Week

Scoop: Now, We Need A Bar With Cats And Laundry (03/12/2014) Portland May Get North America’s First Cat Cafe (03/11/2014)

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